Gaia DR3



This is a mirror of the Gaia data release 3 from the European Space Agency (ESA) hosted by Flatiron Institute at SDSC, San Diego, CA, USA.

Gaia is ESA’s mission to create the most accurate and complete multi-dimensional map of the Milky Way. This allows astronomers to reconstruct our home galaxy’s past and future evolution over billions of years, better understand the lifecycle of stars, and our place in the Universe. Data release 3 includes a total of 1.8 billion (thousand million) Milky Way stars – providing astronomers with an unprecedented view of stellar characteristics and their life cycle, and the galaxy's structure and evolution.

Important links to official Gaia data release documentation:

From this interface, all the tables from Gaia DR3 are available in three formats:

Most tables are split into 3386 separate files based on their HEALpix index level 8 (which can be computed by source_id >> 43).

These data are available in three ways through Flatiron Institute: